Friday, April 18, 2008

Education, Phillosophically Speaking

with Guest Lecturer, Phillip John

Computer Technology: People are all confused about computers. I always see the family stuck to them, scowling & grunting, sometimes even howling. Odd, I tell you! Computers are really meant for showing pictures of Holly and baby animals and "bus-ducks" (thanks Google Images), and for the fascinating games of "Car-Car". (Co-author's note: it is regretful and necessary to point out that, at the tender age of 2, Phillip already shows signs of addiction to computer games, owing to the sad influence of father and uncle.)

Spelling: Is not my best subject. Things started out poorlly with my dear grandma's counsell to Dad and Mom to spellll Phillip "properlly": with 2 "LL"s. I think I'llll ask my grandpa about this one: he's a speciallll ed teacher.

Health: Everything feels better after Mommy kisses it.

Driver's Ed/ Physics: It doesn't matter: everything, even car crashes, can be fixed with a kiss. (Experience based on dinky cars...)

Home Economics: My favourite subject. As my extensive experience has shown, mothers and grandmas aren't too pleased when you shut everything --like the dishwasher, fridge or dryer-- behind them while they're still using it. But they do like help making salad, doing dishes, and that sort of thing. Oh, and sometimes aunts or uncles need motivation to clean their rooms: picking your way through the mess and saying "baach" (Dutch for "disgusting") will do just that.

PhysEd: It's good to run on the spot or in circles around the house, but make sure you do it with the appropriate huffing and puffing noises (even if you're not really out of breath --then you sound like Daddy). And as my other uncles/ aunts have schooled me, "hockey is fun."

Science: Woodweckkkers (better known as woodpeckers): they're not "pretty", not at all. "They're perfect."

Phillosophy: Life is great when you're the only nephew on one side, and you've got doting uncles and aunts on the other :) It'll be even better when there's another baby on the way... Can't wait for "Baby Funner"!

We miss you Phillip!


Curt and Jen said...

We encourage our son to think outside the box.

And we, including Phillip, miss you too!

Laurie said...

Such a nice post! (I'm a little behind the times... just saw it now). I had a laugh when I read about Phillip's reaction to his "aunt's and uncle's" rooms (is it really more than one? :)

We miss Phillip too, but Holly is always thrilled to see the pictures of "Phiwip".