Thursday, April 26, 2007

Presenting... Miss Emily to the Blogworld!

Hello all! (or whoever checks this increasingly sporadic place :) Just wanted you to know that my very-favourite-eldest-neice (:P) Emily is now on cyberspace! Be sure to look her up and drop a comment :)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Job Searching: What Not To Do

Well, I haven’t got any “do’s” to offer you, but I think I’ve got the “don’ts” covered!
  • Don’t ask your off-the-wall former manager for a letter of reference:
    • First attempt: To Whom It May Concern: You are about to embark upon the greatest risk of your life…
    • Then: We are still mourning the loss of our most controversial employee...
    • And: I am pleased to offer a reference of character for Ruth VD. Ruth worked as customer reception and service clerk for about 20 years (I know she only looks 22 or so)…
    • (for the record, he did pull through in his last draft –thanks Paul :)
  • Don’t apply for a job selling something you are fundamentally opposed to. Example: The irony of getting an interview at a cell-phone store. “Would you be interested in a ball&chain—I mean, a cell-phone?
  • Be sure to polish up on your grade 4 math skills. (Does ANYONE really understand long-division anyway??)
  • Don’t let Freudian Slips mess up an application form. For instance, while filling out the position applied for section, don’t think to yourself “wouldn’t it be ridiculous if I put “manager” down” because you just might find "manager" written in clear, indelible ink.
The search continues...