Saturday, May 09, 2009

In-depth Theology With our Youngers

It definitely has been a long time since I've looked at my blog. Time plays a large part in this, of course. But the old question comes to mind again; some things are too amusing, too ironic or too good to forget. And what better way than through writing it down?
We've been trading stories about kids and theology.
From Aunt Mary:
Holly was teaching two-year-old Andrew about the miracle of the Red Sea crossing, and how Moses made it all the way across, completely dry. Andrew was fully impressed; “Wow! Did he wear underpants too!?!”

From Daniel & Raewinn:
While teaching his four-year-old about the Bible, a pastor had focused primarily on Jesus and His mercy. The full result of this came to light at a spanking; the boy was screaming, “Have mercy, have mercy! Would Jesus do this?” From then on, the pastor knew; hell and damnation first, mercy after.

Long ago, when Phillip was just learning to talk:
“Look, look Phillip! A wood-pecker!” “Wood-whacker?” “Yes. He’s pretty isn’t he?” “Nooooo...” “No?” “No. He perfect.”