Monday, June 26, 2006

Quotables From This Past Week...

  • Said by one team-mate to another, “You’re so good, you should be in the NHL of... er, soccer!” And shortly later, “Yay, we got a goal! Oh, wait, did we switch sides at half?”
  • In a rousing game of Balderdash, “Genio-phobia: the fear that if your parents didn’t have kids, you won’t either.” Genio-phobia actually means, “fear of chins.”
  • “Religion, like personal problems, should be left at home.” This was the attempt of my prospective employer to emphasize proffesionalism. Hardly an effective metaphore!
  • A co-worker of mine told me of an incident at Niagara Falls; while he was sitting awe-struck by its massive beauty, a man ambled over and began, “my Father made this...” (the picture is of Webster's Falls, Dundas... also applicable.)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Things Always Begin Small and Insignificantly

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve said a thousand times I wouldn’t, and yet here I am... this madness can be only attributable to the late hour. Is insanity incurable? That remains to be discovered. Nonetheless, welcome to my blog; it seems to be the place to share photos, information and the like. I do hope you enjoy it!