Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Bulgarian Legend

The following story is thoroughly "doctrinally unsound" :) but it gives an
excellent description of Bulgarian countryside and people.

"Why is Bulgaria so beautiful?" from a Rodopian
perspective. Our story-teller is Tinka :)
"After God created the earth, he gave each nation a special gift. To Austria he granted a piece of the Alps. To Australia he gave the rough and rugged outback, to Canada, a generous portion of ice and snow :P, to Greece he gave a gorgeous Mediterranean coast... etc, and so on. But behind each country was creeping a devil. After each country had received his gift, the devil stole the best portion of the gift and put it in his bag. At last, it was Bulgaria’s turn to receive his gift. Alas, Bulgaria was the last country, and there was no gift for him! "Who took Bulgaria’s gift?" said God. Then he looked around, and saw the devil with his bag. God seized the bag and gave it to Bulgaria, and that is how Bulgaria came to have the best of each country in the world."