Monday, June 26, 2006

Quotables From This Past Week...

  • Said by one team-mate to another, “You’re so good, you should be in the NHL of... er, soccer!” And shortly later, “Yay, we got a goal! Oh, wait, did we switch sides at half?”
  • In a rousing game of Balderdash, “Genio-phobia: the fear that if your parents didn’t have kids, you won’t either.” Genio-phobia actually means, “fear of chins.”
  • “Religion, like personal problems, should be left at home.” This was the attempt of my prospective employer to emphasize proffesionalism. Hardly an effective metaphore!
  • A co-worker of mine told me of an incident at Niagara Falls; while he was sitting awe-struck by its massive beauty, a man ambled over and began, “my Father made this...” (the picture is of Webster's Falls, Dundas... also applicable.)


Nathan said...

According to one of my co-workers, there is a big difference between "organized religion" and personal faith. But if that "potential employer" was talking about any mention of christianity, then, (heh-heh) well, I'm not sure that he can legally prohibit the personal discussion of matters of faith, even in private companies. At least in the U.S. I don't know about Canada. But then maybe he was talking about his own preference.

Do correct me if I'm way off track.

Ruth said...

Hello Nathan, so nice to "meet" you :) In this relativist world of ours, there seems to be a chasm established between personal faith and "organized religion"; the one is entirely acceptable, whereas the consistant following of the other is somehow narrowminded. The man clarified his opinion as follows: "I admire your worldview, and it's impact on your actions, just leave 'the rest' (aka. the its foundation) outside of work."
As for the law; what use is it? For example, in Canada it's illegal to force an employee to work on Sunday... but just how effective is that?

Gloria said...

Its illegal to force a employee to work on Sunday here to. It put under the freedom of religon thing. But when I first started to work at Homeplace I almost lost my job over that issue. Both my boss and I agreed over a hand shake that I would work no more than ever other Sunday. Not two months down the line she tried to get me to work every Sunday. She didn't count on the fact that I would rather walk out on my job then go against what I believe.
And the same goes for talking about our religon. She doesn't mind that fact the both me and my co-worker are christians. She just has the "don't talk about around me" kind of attitude. She don't like it when we talk about it together while she is still working. So for peace sake and the fact she is our boss we wait until she leaves to talk about certain things.