Monday, February 18, 2008

Like all good adventures begin, this was indeed a dark and stormy night. The wind was howling, the trees swayed to a ghostly rhythm, the stars had long since disappeared into swirling mists, and the rain filtered through the trees... spssshing, freezing, creating a treacherous transparency across all. Two cars set out from the warm house of their hosts to make the trek to Orangeville (cue scary music :)

A ditched car marked the beginning of the dangerous leg of the journey. They progressed with care, but despite all, each hill proved to be worse and worse.
Pushing the cars up the hill –note Tim on the front of the car and everyone's Sunday clothes :)

With no way to go but down, there was little choice but to knock on the door of Tim’s neighbor. It was dark without lights, and the place looked sinister indeed.
But after a long wait, the door soon opened to reveal the warmest grandparentish people one could desire. They outfitted the distressed children with ashes and plenty of advice, and soon they were ready to go –in one car this time. ‘Twas a little squishy at times...

Much running alongside the car, scooping/ swallowing ash, pushing, and praying, and they were back on the main stretch, headed homeward.

‘Twas an adventure from start to finish: howling coyotes, sinister hermits turned friendly folks, doughty companions, some heart-stopping moments of fear and a warm and welcoming home at the end of it all. Thanks to God for keeping us safe through it all!


Michele said...

That is hysterical! The pictures perfectly match our adventure. I am so glad you took it upon yourself to make the memories of that night last a little longer. You were indeed a trooper-thanks for your great attitude!
I just love those pictures :)...and you too!

Louise said...

Ruth I love it! haha so hilarious! you really captured the feelings we were having :) and i love your art!
thanks for the post!

Charlene said...

YES! Praise the Lord! And what a spectacular adventure it was indeed! I Love your pictures, rufus! Great job on the story in addition to your great example of perserverance and a positive heart throughout the whole matter.

I love you, my dear cousin!