Sunday, November 25, 2007

Winston... Your comment made me laugh twice over :)
Thanks for the picture, definitely! I guess I should watch my use of Google Images :)
As for the survey, let me caution you to "always read the fine print" --the study was conducted on one woman, namely myself. I am hardly "some good ol’ boys group" popularizing the barefoot and pregnant housewife!
I am, however, thoroughly disgusted with the feminism that has permeated every part of my education at my college. It seems to be the secular gospel, and its evangelists are cunning, determined and, ironically, thoroughly intolerant of any alternative views.
I couldn’t help but notice this when a paper of mine was docked for an off-hand statement that "women in general possess less physical strength than men do". Of course, silly me... That’s as ridiculous as saying "caucasians tend to be lighter of skin than African-Americans."
Academic antics aside, while I don't actually suffer from an "irresistable pull" towards the kitchen, I do hope to be married some day... with a child... and yes, even in a kitchen. But make no mistake; it will be no imprisonment but the highest calling a woman could pursue.


Matt said...

Bravo, Ruth!

Curt and Jen said...

Hey Ruth,
Being barefoot and pregnant might look good on you, as you do have fairly nice, proportionate feet.

Your nose, on the other hand, well...

Your fav bro,

Matt said...

I beg to differ with that statement... not with the proportionate feet or nose (??), but with the 'fav' bro statement. I believe Ruth should be the judge of that. :)

Ruth said...

Well, I WAS going to post something about how wonderful my family is, but further info has put the matter in a clearer light :) Curt, thanks for the wholly complete and stunning portrait of me. Matt, I learned early on that to demonstrate favorites is to expose oneself to harm...