Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Today I’m sitting on the sunny porch of a Johannesburg house, feeling completely at home.  This house is the warm heart of a very unique couple – Jans, who’s lecturing habits don’t end when he walks out of his Mukhanyo position but merely moves to fascinating facts about South African politics, ibis habits and tales from remote lands – and his wife Anneka, special-needs teacher and hostess extraordinaire, with a story about every curio and person we meet.  They love to travel and have explored Abbu Dabi, Rome, Mikanos, Malawi (Nkhoma even!), Zimbabwe, the list goes on...  and they love wildlife and adventure.  What a perfect combination :)

Also in the house are three canine children and one Kidane, an Eritrean friend from the seminary and a sort of adopted son of this lovely couple.

We just came back from a tea party and after a parade of sweet delicacies, I am as replete and energetic as the hippo statue yawning in front of me.

Sorry, there are few exotic stories to tell you...  But today especially, life is good :)

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Matt said...

Hey, great! Good to hear, Ruth! Love you, sis!