Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tamarack 2008

Because I can't stand Facebook's Foto application...
A LITTLE excited for the week :D The spirits of Harvey and Eomer live on... (Tamarack '07)And have already captured the heart (and mind too, apparently) of one maiden.

And who doesn't have a picture with Louise cross-eyed and Leah with her tongue out :P

Ooooooh, sour plums!

Prince Charming?

Or the one that got away... :)

And more to come, when I get around to it...


Kristi said...

What kind of trip were you on??? Looks like you had a blast!
I don't even like shrimp all perfectly prepared here in the Northwest...so I REALLY would have struggled with that one!

Ruth said...

Ooops, I made that a little confusing :) There's two events in two posts: Tamarack is a week-long youth conference in Ontario, and the shrimp episode was from our trip out to Bulgaria. Sorry!

sarahaha said...

yay tamarack pics! definitely want to see more! (and i don't have any problem with the facebook uploader...)