Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Today I am illiterate. I stare at a blank screen and, in an effort to fill its void, I babble and froth and spew forth useless nothings. I step back, look at my work in hopes of finding a reality happier than its experience, but find the opposite has happened... I actually wrote that? But here, at the near-end of the ordeal, suddenly the words tumble out.

Today I was surrounded by little faces, young faces... faces that changed as the weather did; a little sunshine here, a few clouds there, a clap of thunder and then a radiant light... And I fought to ignore them and turn to my work; a hopeless task really. But how awesome to have those shining faces...

Today I felt the flowing love of an awesome family. And throughout it, the love of an awesome God. He is good.

But this is all quite futile, because "today" is now yesterday, and the actual "today" looks to be a long and tiring one.

If I’m illiterate, there is always the shoulders of others to lean on.
"This good day, it is a gift from you. The world is turning in its place because You made it to.I lift my voice To sing a song of praise On this good day." –Fernando Ortega


Blondie said...

Well-written Ruth! You definately have a way with words...
When can I see you again?
With Love,
Your "sister"

Laurie said...

It was soooo good to see you again Ruth! You are a really good auntie you know... even when you were "trying" to ignore them :) Glad your workload has lightened and you're getting more sleep.