Friday, December 01, 2006

The Unthinkable

Here's a quiz; which of the next four headlines is actually true?
  • Al qaeda Allies with the World Zionist Organization
  • Havana, Cuba Hit with Heavy Snow and Ice; Tourists Complain of Ice in Hot-tubs
  • Hilary Clinton Appointed Campaign Manager for Cheney '08
  • Long-time Anti-blogger Matthew V. Joins the Blogging World
It's a tough call, so I'll just give you the answer; my brother has a blog!!! Check it out here, and be sure to comment; I'm hoping popular demand (and a little blackmail) will keep him with us :) Oh, and ignore the URL --Matt's a bit dislexic :P And this just came in --Stefanie now has a blogspot blog.


Steffi said...

That's great, Ruth! You guys always make me laugh. BTW, I've also created a blog using blogger since I can't leave comments on a lot of ppl's blogs b/c they're too exclusive! :)

Miss you lots girl! Call me soon.

Mark R said...

good for him...his reasons are his own and I'm sure I'll hear them in full from you.

Melissa said...

Hehe, you make me laugh. :-)

Steffi said...

thanks for the link there dearie, getting lots of comments thanx to u, i'm sure. give me a call sometime this week, k? miss u lots and lots!